chxlsxExportTools is command line ClickHouse to Excel 2010 exporting tool.

It supports

  • http/https ClickHouse Protocol
  • configurable DateTime format
  • configurable automatic spliting big results to several files
  • Linux and OS X builds provided (both x64 and arm64)
  • one file deployment


chxlsxExportTool [options]


--clickhouse-uri ClickHouse URI protocol://hostname:port/database [default: http://localhost:8123/default]

--clickhouse-user ClickHouse User [default: default]

--clickhouse-password ClickHouse Password []

--query ClickHouse Query []

--output-filename Output File Name without suffix [default: export]

--split-rows Split Excel file every [x] rows [default: 400000]

--datetime-format DateTime format [default: dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss]

--version Show version information

-h, --help Show help and usage information

OS X users note:

Application is not signed by Apple 3rd party developer certificate

you may need to run the following (example for arm64 binary)

chmod 755 chxslxExportTool_osx-arm64
spctl --add chxslxExportTool_osx-arm64
open chxslxExportTool_osx-arm64


Source Code